vrijdag 21 januari 2011

The sopranos: Dead mafia in cab

Because I've talked about brands so much the past couple of weeks, I'll be doing something else this week. This week I'll talk about a Guerrilla Marketing stunt done to promote a TV-show. HBO's the Sopranos is a TV-show about a mafia family. So the Art directors thought it would be funny to use the mafia aspect of the show to create a buzz. They made several life-like arms and placed these at the back of several cabs who drive through New York. The arm made it look like there was a body in the trunk, and the arm was sticking out. Next to the arm they placed a bumper sticker of the sopranos, so people would get the gesture.

I do like this stunt, because it really relates to the subject that they're promoting. I do have one thing to say about this stunt though. I don't know if it was a smart move to only place a small bumper sticker on the back. People who see a arm hanging out of a trunk won't pay attention to that small sticker next to it. My first reaction would be to call the police, and I seriously wonder if not one of the witnesses of this stunt has called in this supposed 'crime'. I don't think the NYPD would be very thrilled getting phone calls all day about arms sticking out of trunks. But if this hasn't caused problems, I do think it's a funny Guerrilla Marketing stunt.

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